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ТЕМА: Industries problem/bug

Industries problem/bug 4 місяців 1 тиждень тому #1354


i am having problems with the industries first there's a message stating that "there's a problem with the offices" then when i clicked a heavy industry building there's always a red box stating random messages such as "the owner of this company won a lottery and flew to a tropical island" or "cities XL error...." then my industry bars (4 buttons on the upper right of the screen) always turns red then will turn green then will turn red again when i click on it it states i dont have any construction area for high-tech industry which i have a bunch of them when i click on the construction area of high-tech industry i always see these messages a green box stating "a new business will open soon"
followed by red boxes stating "these business have problems with resources in the city", "manufacturing is far too hard to find! increase production or import" ,"High Tech industry is far too hard to sell! decrease production or export"i thinks this is a bug or something can anyone help me with these..

Please help.

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